One of the many benefits of being a member of Alabama AGC
is having a voice in state as well as national politics.

Alabama AGC’s state Political Action Committee has grown to be recognized as one of the top five largest association funds in the state. Our state PAC is governed by a committee with representatives from every area of the state, giving each section of our chapter a clear voice on issues. Our state PAC, combined with our full-time lobbyist, ensures that we are and will continue to be a major power in the Alabama Legislature. We have been successful in stopping and amending legislation that would adversely affect the industry, while also initiating legislation with will benefit our industry as well as Alabama’s business environment as a whole.

"The state PAC is a great help to me in the legislature, and being able to help candidates when they are running for office is a great tool for us. In addition,
our grassroots efforts and being able to mobilize AGC’s members is a
critical element to our success."

- Chris Williams, Alabama AGC's Director of Governmental Relations