The Birmingham Section started 2015 with a political reception at the Murray Building Co. jobsite at the old Merita Bread Bakery. More than 150 members were in attendance with city and state officials. Everyone enjoyed a tour of the site as well as barbecue from Joe McNabb and Hendrix Chevrolet.

Mobile Section Young Constructors Hosts "Lessons from a Leader"

John White-Spunner, President of White-Spunner
Construction, Inc. spoke to Mobile Section YCF June 2nd for
their 2nd in a series of meetings featuring industry leaders.

White-Spunner graduated from Auburn University in 1978, but
has been working in the industry since age 15. He started as a
laborer and has grown his company to be one of the largest locally
owned construction companies in Mobile.

He gave credit to his father as being his mentor and for instilling
in him the importance of the Golden Rule “treat others as you
would like to be treated” and gave out rulers which reiterated his

Skipper Tonsmeire, another of White-Spunner’s mentors, advised
him that there are two ways to go bust in the construction
industry, “work too cheap or try to do too much”. White-Spunner
said he has always remembered this sage advice.

He credited their generation with being the brightest and most
well educated group of builders he’d ever seen, with instant access
to more information and people than ever before.
He then encouraged the group to try and find balance in their lives, to include time for their faith, marriage, family, and work. He also emphasized the importance of spiritual and physical health. He said prayer and exercise were extremely important to his well-being.

Below are a few thoughts which he hoped could help them succeed in their lives and careers.
 Set a personal standard to live by
 Do What You SAY
 Listen and Learn from others.
 Be Accountable.
 Find a mentor or accountability partner “iron sharpens iron”.
 Guard your tongue. People judge you by the things you say.
Profanity is offensive to many clients.
 Protect your Signature/guarantee—Debt is a big deal. Everyone should learn how to deal with money.  He suggested a class which would be beneficial to all.
“Crown Financial Ministries”
 Get involved in your community and give back.
 Stay Humble
 Help Others
 Treat everyone with Respect.
 Return Phone Calls
 When difficult situations arise—don’t JUST REACT, take time to think, pray and seek counsel.
 Never put Safety aside on your jobsites.
 Have Fun at work, make friends, work hard and play hard!
 Include your spouse and family in work functions.
 Networking is invaluable! Stay involved with your industry associations such as AGC and YCF.

The next meeting in this series is scheduled for the Fall!