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Drones in Construction

To the surprise of many observers, the data suggests that the construction industry will be one of the heaviest users of these vehicles.  Until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finalized its new rules, the only lawful way for companies to use them for commercial purposes was to apply for and get a “Section 333 exemption” from the FAA.  Through January of this year, 48% of the 3,136 exemptions that the FAA had granted were specifically for use in the construction industry and approximately 50 of the exemptions  were granted directly to construction and engineering firms.  Anecdotal evidence that AGC members are very interested in these vehicles, and already experimenting with their use, has been equally strong.

This five-part series will begin with an overview of the various ways that construction contractors are already using drones and a deep dive into the new federal rules.  Particularly chapters should note that the next session will focus on the state and local laws that will also apply to the commercial use of drones, including the privacy and property rights that the new federal rules are unlikely to preempt.  The last two sessions will address insurance coverage for these vehicles and how to manage the potentially vast amounts of new data that they can collect.

You are encouraged to register for the series, and to pass the word along to your members!  You don’t want to be left behind!

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