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Fiscal Year Closeout - Contractor Estimates

The following information was provided by ALDOT:

By now, many of you should have seen the emails about the year-end closeout for contractor estimates.  Here is how we plan on handling them in an effort to process them and pay the contractors as expeditiously as possible.

    Estimates should be processed with cut-off dates of either August 19th, 20th, 21st, or 22nd.  The actual date will be up to the PM and the Area depending on the normal monthly estimate date, the complexity of the project, and the time needed by the Area to review and approve the estimate.

    The normal $2500 amount is still needed to be able to process an estimate. This may make a difference in the date you select above.

    If your normal monthly estimate date is near the end of August and you don’t have all the submittals such as DBE-10s and prompt pay certifications for the previous estimate like June, DO NOT WORRY about them for this estimate.  Just get it processed and submitted for approval.

    Then, repeat this monthly end date in September (i.e, you use August 19th this month, then use September 19th next).  This will allow for estimates to be prepared, reviewed, approved, and processed by Finance before the new FY on October 3rd.  In essence, when the new FY starts, our estimates will be ready to be paid by the Comptroller when many other agencies will just be starting to prepare theirs.

    Be lenient again in September on monthly submittals like DBE-10s and prompt pay certifications.  You should have June by this point, but July’s can be postponed a month in the essence of expediting this process.

    Then, October estimates should be returned to the normal monthly cut-off date.  If that means the end of the month, you will simply wait those 9-12 days to get back on a normal schedule.  Yes, this means a longer month, but if we returned to a normal schedule at the end of September, we will have a mass number of payment requests from ALDOT and all the other state agencies at the same time in the first/second week of October.  This will result in delays in payment by a few weeks as all the requests hit at the same time. Hence, let’s pay September quickly before the others and then get back on schedule after the new FY transition.

I believe most of our ALDOT PMs were copied on on a previous email, so I do not foresee a problem on our end.  However, our city, county, and local consultant PMs were not.  Thus, our County Transportation Engineers need to get the word out to them this week to process estimates as outlined above. This was one of the problems last year during the Comptroller’s transition to STAARS. Estimates were not processed for July and August on time, and some contractors were 3-4 months late being paid.  We do not need to repeat this payment delay this year.

Please get the word out this week, and get this estimates processed. Please email Skip Powe, P.E., State Construction Engineer, ALDOT with any questions.