The Birmingham Section started 2015 with a political reception at the Murray Building Co. jobsite at the old Merita Bread Bakery. More than 150 members were in attendance with city and state officials. Everyone enjoyed a tour of the site as well as barbecue from Joe McNabb and Hendrix Chevrolet.

WEBINAR: Setting Cybersecurity Priorities

Cybersecurity can be an abstract concept to many associations and industries: it’s not easy to know where to begin. How much protection do you really need? What matters and what is merely a sales pitch? Who do you trust to do the right thing? And, ultimately, how much danger are you exposed to? Cybersecurity is a vast and ever-changing landscape, but if you understand the risks, and implement a repeatable process to measure and improve your security, a strong cybersecurity stance is not impossible to achieve.

In this session, cybersecurity expert and RedZone Technologies CTO James Crifasi, will explore and answer your cybersecurity questions including:

  • Why should AGC Chapters worry about security?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for security?
  • What should an association executive’s plan be relative to cybersecurity?
  • How do you define “security trust”?
  • What should association executives focus on, especially if they have little or no budget for IT?
  • What sort of training does a chapter need to provide to staff on the topic?
  • How does a chapter executive educate their board about the importance of cybersecurity?
  • What are the first 4 steps for cybersecurity?