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Member News: Dunn Building Excels in Design-Build Efficiency from Rich History

Dunn Building Company, a family-owned business, which was established in 1878, is part of one of the oldest contracting businesses in America, according to Allan Gustin, vice president and Mobile area manager.

From the brick and mortar days of construction of a tunnel through Red Mountain in Birmingham, AL to one of the country’s first asphalt plants in 1915, the company has continued to expand its construction capabilities.

“In 1940, Dunn entered the general building construction business focusing most of its early efforts on projects for the military. Gradually, our construction business expanded; and today we primarily work in industrial markets in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee,” Gustin said.

“We are experts at designing and building concrete foundations and steel structures. From those early years until today, strong safety and quality systems have always been our focus whether we are working on complicated projects or small projects/repair work.”

While the company is steeped in history, Dunn has remained successful by adapting their business to new industry developments in technology, materials and building methods. One example is how Dunn is now using steel building systems for large, technically complex building projects. Steel buildings have risen in popularity in recent years for many reasons including the fact that they are one of the most cost-effective building solutions. Steel buildings can normally be constructed for lower material and construction costs.

“Steel requires minimal maintenance and has proven to be one of the most durable, flexible, and versatile material for building,” Gustin said.” Pre-engineered steel components are among the most eco-friendly construction materials, given the fact that most steel today is recycled. Systems also offer the advantage of heat-deflecting and weather-resistant finishes, which increase their overall energy efficiency. Further, these buildings use optimized design which reduces materials in the construction process, saving on the manufacturing and transportation costs and eliminating material waste,” Gustin added.

“The client benefits in other ways during the construction process because there is generally no field fabrication required,” Gustin said. “Steel buildings can be erected in shorter time periods than conventional construction. Most metal buildings don’t require super specialized building techniques and construction schedules typically benefit by incorporating pre-engineered building systems into a project. All of this aids in our delivering a steel building to the client on time and within budget.”

“Lower long-term maintenance costs with roof systems warranted for up to 25 years for weather-tight performance reduce the overall cost of ownership. Plus, with long-life finishes, the paint systems will still look great after 25 years as well,” Gustin added. “This all contributes to low maintenance for the building owner.”

Since those early days, Dunn Building’s services include not only structural steel furnish-erect, pre-engineered design-build furnish erect methods, but also heavy concrete foundations/walls, metal siding/roofing and other general construction services for owners and general contractors interested in safe and high quality construction.

As the interest and need for these buildings continues to grow, Dunn Building continues to expand. The Mobile area office opened three years ago to serve clients along the Gulf Coast.

Dunn has a proven reputation of success through the years as over 70 percent of projects are for repeat clients. For further information about Dunn Building Company, please visit

Red Mountain Tunnel

Dunn Office

 Robert Keith Mosley and Allan Gustin

Robert Keith Mosley and Allan Gustin