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New AGC Password Policy for Chapter Staff, Members and Nonmember Contacts

How the Change will Affect You:

As part of AGC’s ongoing efforts to implement best-practices for data management and security, we will soon be implementing a new password policy for all contacts (member and non-member contacts) in the AGC of America database (iMIS database).

Starting on March 22nd, anyone with an active member or non-member record in iMIS (that includes an email address) will receive a notification via email from AGC on the change that will include their new username and temporary password to log-into their AGC account.

Important Changes to Note:

 The user’s new username will be the email address linked to their account, and the new temporary password will be the user’s lastname+5 digit zip code tied to their account.
 Users will be encouraged to log-into their accounts to update their temporary password, as well as to update their communication preferences.
 Information on the new procedures for logging into user accounts will also be added to the AGC website and event registration platforms.
 Moving forward, neither AGCA staff, nor chapters, will be able to access any individual’s current password. Individuals may reset their password at any time by clicking on ‘reset password’ link from the log-in page or staff may reset the password directly in iMIS on their behalf. This will generate an email to the linked address that can be used to reset a password.

Members as well as non-member contacts will be alerted of these changes over the course of the next two months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christi Reimer at 703-837-5343 or