General Fund to move in senate tomorrow - Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore), General Fund chair in the senate, moved his version at 11:00 am today in committee.  His version includes a $20 million transfer from the Road and Bridge fund to the Office of the Courts, which was not included in the governor’s proposed budget or the house passed version.   While not the $35 million they have been taking, it’s time to voice our objection stronger than we have in the past and end this practice.  We have some support for its elimination with other budget chairmen and the governor’s office.  Ask them to eliminate the transfer!

CALL YOU SENATOR TODAY!  The Full Senate will take up the General Fund Budget TOMORROW.

Contact info for senators below.  You may also call the senate operator in MGM - 334-261-0800 and ask for their office.

General Fund Chairman Greg Albritton - 251-282-7182 - Ask him to take the transfer out!

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